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How To Add A Skin (And Work In Multiplayer)Cracked Minecraft !

posted Apr 04, 2011 22:13:00 by VaJazL
Ok guys i seen on the minecraft video about people wanting to know how to add skins to your character and show online so im here to show you guys.....

Step 1: Start Up Minecraft

Step 2: Once on the Minecraft Launcher screen enter a username of an offical minecraft account for example...
midrev - AdamMontoya - deadmau5 - kiff86 - Honeydew

Well i hope this helped and if you want a different skin then just look on youtube for minecraft videos and look for a different username.
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Formula-One said Apr 05, 2011 01:44:08
YOUR awesome any other examples? of other skins
VaJazL said Apr 05, 2011 14:50:32
Look at Seananners vids and find a name and skin you wish it save meh typing alot : )
Here is the link to one of his videos> Seananners Channel
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mijkolsmith said Apr 05, 2011 17:25:35
cool!! deadmau5 is cool
play minecraft or die!!!
Importashion said Apr 05, 2011 18:56:45
Kiff86 got Pedobear skin <3
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Nokitfer said Apr 05, 2011 20:11:03
Yeah, but you'll get a different name in multiplayer then right? i don't want that D:
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ScottSeddon said Apr 05, 2011 22:53:47
yeah but you could just put a nickname on your self so you have the skin and your whatever name you want to be.
Nokitfer said Apr 06, 2011 08:36:55
The one and only
Erak606 said Apr 08, 2011 02:03:32
You can just download a skin from , rename it as char.png and put it into [YOURNAME]/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar/mob. You guys seriously don't know this?
TheAlmightyGod said Apr 08, 2011 04:23:38
Thanks Man Really Good!
King Almighty
Nokitfer said Apr 08, 2011 09:55:28
won't it change all the dudes? like mobs and stuff
The one and only
Erak606 said Apr 08, 2011 11:44:38
Well, the only problem is in SMP, where everybody will look like you. and it only edits char.png. Character skin. So yea.
Nokitfer said Apr 08, 2011 13:23:48
lame, i'll get the actual game someday then... I wanna mod stuff efficiently :D
The one and only
Erak606 said Apr 08, 2011 23:13:33
It's not modding... That's just changing your skin.....
Nokitfer said Apr 09, 2011 08:40:07
To change = to modify

It is modifying
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KevinJinKim said Apr 09, 2011 13:53:28
you could just go to start bar and click run and type in "%appdata%" and change your skin by yourselves
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